Current Promotions:

 New Clients 

Lymph drainage detox massage 1st time $59/hr (reg $85/hr).  The one hour is just the front of the body and includes lymphatic work on the front of the body and also includes scalp, face, neck, shoulder massage  along with massage on the legs and arms & foot reflexology.   Or 1st time $118 for 120 min Bliss & Detox session which includes both sides of body.  (reg $170 for 2 hr).  The longer Bliss & Detox session includes what I mentioned in the front of the body and also includes work on the  back/hips/glutes/legs & foot reflexology and includes 1/2 hour seated energy healing/chakra balancing. Alternatively,  there is an option to top up  the one hour session with an extra half hour for $40 more with your choice of (1) back/legs/hips/glutes massage or (2) cellulite massage (weight issues/body sculpting/toning) (more work on abs/thighs/glutes) or (3)  seated energy healing/chakra balancing.

Note: I will be doing a free talk on the benefits of lymph drainage detox massage at Gaia Garden Herbals Thurs, June 7, 1:30-2pm and offering consultations afterwards.  See separate post describing this.

Foot reflexology/Back Massage combo , 1st time $49/hr (reg $85/hr)(Includes a head/neck/shoulder massage). Details in website.

Great if you  stand on your feet all day & have sore legs, swollen legs/ankles/feet,  or have tired/achy legs (e.g. due to circulation issues). Or if you simply enjoy massage on your feet, legs and back. Or if your back is stiff, shoulders aching & it wants some attention.  Very relaxing. Includes techniques from Swedish, Thai massage & shiatsu & reflexology. (I also recommend the Firma compression socks/leggings (far infrared emitting fabric)  if circulation is an issue – see separate page in my website).

New: Foot reflexology/Energy healing combo, 1st time $59/hr (reg $85/hr). Details in website.

Relaxation Massage, 1st time $49/hr (reg $85/hr)

Whole body massage blending techniques from Swedish, Thai massage & shiatsu and foot reflexology.  Great to help you relax and will also target back/neck/shoulder and feet issues along with work on hips/glutes.  You will have an amazing sleep. My clients say “they sleep like a baby” after a Relaxation Massage with me.

Optional add-on:    30 min. foot reflexology for $40 more

-Or optional add on:  Seated energy healing 15 min for $20 more; 30 min for $40 more


Energy/chakra healing,  first time $59/hr  or $75 for 75 minutes (reg $85/hr or $115 for 75 min.) – consists of chakra clearing, therapeutic touch and reiki (flyer in website).

Free 5 minute energy healings (reiki or therapeutic touch) at business network meetings that I attend  (at end of meeting subject to time and space).  You would need to have a business to network; a breakfast or lunch or dinner fee usually applies from the sponsoring group although some events have no charge.  Email me to find out where I will be in case you want to experience this, e.g. BNI, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Kits Leaders Meet-up, Ladies Meet-up, Vancouver Business Network, meetings, Yes Vancouver, other business meet up groups, etc,  or at your massage appointment with me or email me to set up a free 5 min.  mini healing if you don’t have a business or if you prefer more privacy.   I also do energy healing open houses in Vancouver every so often at various locations.

I also do corporate energy healing if your office in Vancouver wants to gather 4-6 people together over the lunch break or after work, they can experience a free 5 min. healing or 15 min. for $20.  Get a boost to your immune system. De-stress and get more balanced at the office.    I can also do a Lunch and Learn (can be more than 6 people)  so your employees can learn more about how energy healing can benefit them in the workplace and in their personal life. Ask for details.

 ———-Promotions re:  Firma Energywear circulation (compression Hi) Rise Leggings/socks (with far infrared benefits)

Organize 4-8 women (well, men too if they would be willing to come as the socks are unisex!)  for a lunch hour work gathering or evening “home party” and receive 10% of the sales of your friends/coworkers  in credit toward product.  Also, as a host, you will  receive a  gift  of a  free 30 minute foot reflexology or back massage or energy healing just for hosting a gathering or “home party” (to be booked at a future date).  The compression socks (and possibly the leggings) can be claimed under your  Extended Health Plan as it is a Class 1 Medical Device Model 3772 if you have a prescription from your doctor for circulation issue (see the separate page entitled Firma Energywear in my website)

-Also ask about my referral program for Firma Energywear products.


Also, see page entitled “Referral Program” of how you can get your next  one hour or 120 min. session of lymph drainage massage or energy healing or Foot Reflexology/Back Massage Combo or Relaxation Massage at a discount off regular price (approx 30%)  by referring me to someone new.  Not valid with any other promos.



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