Donna Sam

Donna Sam

Donna is an Energy Healer and is certified in Lymphatic Drainage (Detoxification) Massage and also has a Thai Massage Diploma

Donna Sam is an Energy healer and a Reiki 2nd degree practitioner.  She has also completed Levels 1 and 2 of Therapeutic Touch in addition to many other courses in the alternative healing field.  She regularly volunteers her time doing energy healing at Inspire Health, a non-profit integrated cancer centre in Vancouver, and does regular open houses. She also participates in various fundraising events by offering her energy healing for various charity events (e.g. Beauty Night, Dress for Success).  She also does corporate healing work where she goes to offices in Vancouver and offers free 5 min healings or 15 min. for $20 over the lunch hour (or after work).  She also offers free 5 min healings as various business networking meetings (email her of where she will be next attending if you want a free mini healing).  She also participates in various energy healing open houses from time to time at various locations (email her if you want to know where her next event will be at).

Donna is also certified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and has a Diploma in Thai Massage.  She loves the complementary nature of  energy healing and lymphatic massage – energy healing to remove the emotional ‘toxins’ and lymph massage to remove physical toxins.

Donna’s powerful and unique energy healing blends therapeutic touch, reiki, and chakra clearing, drawing upon her more than 15 years of experience. From a yoga instructor at the recent Yoga Show: “You are an amazing healer; I felt like I let go of a whole layer of stuff!”

She got involved with healing many years ago when a long term relationship ended and she decided it was time to do some work on herself.  She studied at Leyline Centre for Spiritual Growth in the 1990’s and was a volunteer healer there for about 10 years.  She then pursued Reiki in 1995 and Therapeutic Touch in 2009.  The healing work has made a huge transformative shift on Donna and she has impacted the lives of many clients to find more peacefulness, calmness of mind, balance and more flow so that life flows more easily.   After a lengthy career in office administration and then a  13 year career in inside sales/customer service, Donna was laid off in 2009 and she decided it was time to pursue her passion in alternative wellness and has not regretted her decision.

Previously, Donna worked at a holistic spa two days a week in Mount Pleasant serving many happy clients since 2010 where she specialized in  lymphatic drainage massage and in energy healing.  In August 2014 she started her own practice where she is located at Sourcepoint Shiatsu Clinic in  Vancouver  on Mondays (afternoon/evenings) and  Wednesdays (afternoon/evenings (by appointment only).  (Other locations and days may also be available).

In March 2016 Donna came across at the Wellness Show:  Firma Energywear compression socks/leggings, Class 1 Medical Device,  and realized what a complementary product it was for her lymph drainage massage clients who often have circulation issues and weight issues (see separate page on Firma Energywear products).


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  1. Hillary Samson says:

    From the moment I connected with Donna I felt that she had something unique to offer me. She immediately sensed where my energy could use a boost, and even in a 5 minute session I felt a difference and the heaviness lift.

    I completed a series of six energy energy healing and reiki sessions with Donna and discovered what a truly powerful healer she is. Health issues improved, especially those ties to long-term emotional charges. Most notable was that my energy completely opened up. I felt a significant difference in my daily energy, and I have begun to attract people in my life who are an excellent fit with who I am, and have become important friends and clients.

    I have full confidence recommending Donna, and am certain that she can be a key person in healing journey.

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