Energy Healing Vancouver: Reiki Vancouver, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Clearing

Call or email to book an appointment:

 Cell 778-232-8964

FIRST TIME PROMO Energy Healing  Save 30%

$59 for 1 hour  (reg $85)  New Clients only (or if 6 months has passed). Twice only at this rate.

The one-hour session consists of 20 minutes seated healing and 40 minutes laying down hands-on reiki.

or $75 for 75 min (reg $115).  The longer session will allow more time for chakra clearing work and/or more reiki time depending on what you seem to need more of.

Also, ask about lymphatic detoxification massage to remove toxins from your body.

Check website for current open houses and promos.

Are you looking for:

  • Deep profound relaxation including better sleep
  • Calmness of mind, peacefulness, relief from anxiety
  • More energy & vitality
  • Stress relief and more balance
  • Emotional healing, mental clarity
  • Relief from pain, e.g. neck, shoulder, back, migraines
  • Faster healing of bone fractures
  • Increase in hemoglobin levels, increased oxygenation of blood
  • Balancing of endocrine gland function
  • Ease & lightness of body, mind & soul from releasing held in emotions (e.g. anger/guilt) & mental blocks.  Holding in ‘stuff’ creates a stress response to the body which can lead to disease & unwellness.  The more ‘stuff’ you let go of, the more room you create to manifest what you want.
  • Chi energy can move & flow without acupuncture needles.  Relieve pain, achieve optimal health
  • Increased self-awareness & clarity
  • Increased creativity to create new things in your life (not necessarily artistic)
  • The ability to make positive changes to overcome negative patterns in your life, e.g. Remove fear blocks, mental & emotional blocks;  improve communication skills; become aware of & express your emotions; become more compassionate; improve  relationships;  make better lifestyle choices (e.g. diet, exercise) & increase income.

Donna Sam is a spiritual healer and a Reiki 2nd degree practitioner.  She has also completed Levels 1 and 2 of Therapeutic Touch in addition to many other courses in the alternative healing field. She regularly volunteers her time doing energy healing at Inspire Health, a non-profit integrated cancer centre in Vancouver, and does regular open houses. She is also certified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  She loves the complementary nature of combining the 2 treatments – energy healing to remove the emotional ‘toxins’ and lymph massage to remove physical toxins.

Donna’s powerful and unique energy healing blends therapeutic touch, reiki, and chakra clearing, drawing upon her more than 15 years of experience. From a yoga instructor at the recent Yoga Show: “You are an amazing healer; I felt like I let go of a whole layer of stuff!”

Other testimonials: “I feel so much lighter…  attracted so much business so quickly… feel very relaxed, peaceful…. so calm…..feels so, so  good…..more clarity….. more energy in the day or 2 that followed…… neck pain has gone…….best sleep ever …. seem more aware…… increased sense of confidence”, ……..major breakthroughs……. more grounded……feel so awesome, renewed, refreshed, a new lease on everything I want to achieve…… felt someone cared about me….. amazing…… started eating better, lost some cravings, started exercising…… willpower increased….. opening up more, don’t feel as shut down…… handling stress better……. really notice how it is easier to let go faster …. feel stronger, more confident”.



CHAKRA HEALING (also includes aura balancing, therapeutic touch & reiki)

First time $59/hr (reg $85). Or $75 for 75 min (reg $115 for 75 min.)  New clients only.


Do you want to be healthier, happier and more alive?


Would you say that having more energy and focus will help you in your personal life and your career?


Would you like to have more motivation? More willpower? Would that help you in your career? Your personal life?


Do you feel blocked? Feel stuck about your next step in your career, your relationship or lack of?


Do you feel a heaviness in your aura (energy field)? Are you holding in a lot of stress. Do you take on others problems?


Are you exhausted a lot?  Anxious?  Would you like to change this?


Do you feel that you don’t have enough joy and fun in your life? Is this affecting your relationship?


Does intimacy frighten you?


Do you wish your sex life was different?


Could your self-confidence and self-esteem be better? Would it help your personal life? Your career?


Would you like more charisma? Would that help your personal life? Your career?


Is it hard for you to express how you feel? Do you only say things to please people and not what you mean?  Do you feel that you are not heard?


Do you have a tendency to have hormonal imbalances or get depressed?


Do you have digestive issues, e.g. gas/bloating/constipation ( stomach, colon, liver, etc)?


Do you often feel ungrounded. Do you have issues with money and survival? Lower back pain?



Do you want to get your chakras balanced? Clear your aura? Improve your health, have more flow in your life, more energy? Email or call for an appointment!

———————————————————————————————————–Donna Sam, Energy Healing & Detox Massage Studio                           Cell/Text 778-232-8964

Located at Sourcepoint Shiatsu Clinic, 3261 Heather St, Vancouver (at 16th)

By Appointment Only                                                               Other locations may also be available                                          Email:


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