Breast Health & Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Breast tissue contains an abundance of lymph vessels. Unlike other areas of the body, breasts are composed of fatty tissue and not muscles. It is movement of muscles that promote natural lymphatic drainage.  That is why I recommend all my clients  exercise to ensure that their lymph moves.  If you like the rebounder it is also highly recommended to get lymph moving.  Fluid therefore has a tendency to stagnate around the breasts (since the breasts are not made of muscle). This is where gentle, massage techniques can be used to stimulate circulation and remove toxins via the lymphatic system. According to Dr. Paul Tinari of the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study & former Director of Education for West Coast College of Massage Therapy, toxins are believed to be involved with the early formation of cancerous tissue.  (taken from notes he provided on a lecture I attended several years ago). He says that it is imperative that these toxins be continually removed through the body’s veins and lymphatic vessels. When these toxins are unable to exit the body properly, the possibility of cancer increases.

According to Dawn Leonard, RMT in Vancouver & breast health educator, “breast massage aids in releasing muscular, skeletal and fascial restrictions and can promote lymphatic and circulatory flow that contributes to cellular regeneration and health.”  According to her website,  other benefits of breast massage are: PMS/Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Post Mammograms, Breast Augmentation, Post Mastectomy”.   She does workshops on how to do self breast massage (and other related topics to breast health) which I attended several years ago.

According to John Douillard of (I subscribe to his health newsletter) in his blog “Protect Your Breasts” he talks about the importance of iodine for the breasts and says that there is more iodine in the female breast tissue than in the thyroid!    He adds :

“According to Ayurveda, iodine is also a bile thinner and lymph mover. Poor bile flow compromises the natural detoxification pathways as well as the utilization of the good essential fatty acids. As a lymph mover, iodine supports cellular metabolism, and helps the body drain waste and toxins that may accumulate in between cells. These accumulated toxins may be a major contributing factor to histamine reactions to pollens, pollutants, and hard-to-digest foods like wheat and dairy.

Because much of the breast tissue is drained by the lymphatic system, it is important for breast health that the body’s lymphatic flow be optimal. Breast swelling or tenderness around menstruation, as well as other breast issues, may be related to sluggish lymphatic drainage.”

When I googled “breasts and lymphatic drainage” I found all kinds of interesting information including tips on self breast massage and more on the Ayurvedic perspective on breast massage versus the western perspective.  I recommend you do that if you wish further information.

I found an interesting youtube called “Getting to Know your Breasts” by naturopath Sat Dharam Kaur ND, on the Healthy Breast Program, filmed at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, in 2007. This segment focuses on causative factors of breast cancer and the importance of a healthy lymphatic system and exercise in preventing the disease.


You can google or youtube other videos. also.


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