Lymph Drainage Detox Massage, Energy Healing (reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra clearing)

 Lymphatic drainage detox massage Vancouver
Do you want more energy? More stamina?
Better digestion/elimination? Relief from bloating/gas/heartburn?
Lose weight/inches including belly fat? Reduce fluid retention in abdomen.  Reduce cellulite?  Toning of body, especially abs.
Relief from adrenal fatigue?
Stress reduction & better focus? Lymph drainage massage also works on the parasympathetic nervous system to help your nervous system. It is very relaxing.
Relief from migraines? Relief in pain due to toxins being released from your areas of inflammation (e.g. foot pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc).
Better sleep especially if you suffer from inability to fall asleep or wake up a lot in the middle of the night?
Circulation issues including swollen legs/ankles/cold hands & feet?  Circulation to digestive organs will also improve your digestion.  Circulation to your brain will reduce your fuzzy brain and give you more brain clarity.  Circulation to tight muscles will relieve aches & pains (e.g. my clients often notice relief at the end of the session in their  tight shoulders or neck – it suddenly feels a lot looser & they feel more fluid & their body moves with more ease).  Circulation to the face will give you glowing skin, better skin texture, reduced puffyness & dark circles, anti-aging effect.
Relief from PMS including cramps/swollen breasts/irritability/cravings? (see Testimonials).  Improvement in other hormonal issues.
Improvement in fibrocystic breasts.
Relief from acne or eczema that won’t go away despite everything you are doing?  Toxins create inflammation!
Reduction in colds/flu?
              Then consider lymphatic drainage detox massage?  Getting toxins out of your body is paramount to your health as toxins are linked to inflammation and inflammation is linked to degenerative diseases like arthritis and cancer, according to the experts.  Or just do it to FEEL A LOT BETTER AND GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF HEALTH!  Getting toxins out of your body is like health insurance for your body and your life.
              My clients include registered therapists (e.g.  acupuncturists, osteopathic practitioners,  RMT’s, registered counsellors/therapists), other health professionals  (e.g. colonic hydrotherapists, cranialsacral therapists, shiatsu practitioners, certified nutritionists, personal trainers,  live blood analysis therapist), business professionals (e.g.  lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance advisors, CEO’s), stressed out moms,  people with health issues such as:  PMS (severe cramps, swollen breasts, irritability), sleep issues (including  insomnia or wakefulness from adrenal fatigue or other hormone issues), digestive issues (bloating/gas, elimination), skin issues (eczema, acne), fatigue including adrenal fatigue, low thyroid issues, weight/cellulite issues, sinus issues, fatty liver issues, auto immune issues, and anyone wanting to get toxins out of their body including anyone who is health conscious & wants to complement their cleansing/health regime.  Both women and men benefit from this type of massage.  I have also helped someone  with swollen knees from a sports injury.  (See Media coverage article and testimonials in website and in google reviews and FAQ’s).  Clients come from all over the Lower Mainland – Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, White Rock, and even Abbotsford.  I even have some international clients from France and Belgium where lymph drainage massage is very popular. (You can google lymph drainage massage yourself to see why or read my Blogs).
 See Promo page for current promos.
 Do you catch yourself saying any of the following:

I’m sick of this weight. My clothes feel too tight.  I hate this extra fat I’m carrying.  I’d love to look good in a bathing suit for my holiday.  Also, why can’t I get rid of this “muffin top” – I’m exercising 3 times a week & doing weights!

I hate taking all this medication for my horrible migraines.  What else can I do?

I wish my skin looked better.  I hate this acne.  Why does it get worse around my period?
I wish I could have glowing radiant skin. It would be so nice to look youthful!
I wish I could see my ankles.  I hate these swollen ankles/legs.  What can I do about it?
 I wish I could feel super energetic when I wake up in the morning.  I could get so much more accomplished.  Why do I feel so tired all the time?
How embarrassing it was at that last dinner – the bloating, the gas, acid reflux.

I wish this itchiness from my eczema would go away or better still have the eczema go away.

I’m stressed out. What can I do about it?
 I have insomnia or wake up in middle of night a lot.  Why can’t I sleep the whole night?
 Oh, I’m sick again, caught another cold.  Why do I catch so many colds?
I wish I didn’t have to suffer so much with PMS – those hormones! The swollen breasts, the irritability, bloating, the cramps, mood swings, fluid retention, bloating, sugar cravings (ugh!), headaches, sleep disturbances.  I wish there was something I could do about it so I don’t have to suffer so much every month.
 I’d love to get a relaxation massage and also get help with my health, my weight, my skin my migraines, and my hormones at the same time!  Yes, it’s possible with my style of lymph drainage detox massage!
Do you want help with the above and to get toxins out of your body?  Did you know that the liver metabolizes hormones (including estrogen, cortisol and insulin) and if your liver is all gucked up with toxins, it’s going to have a much harder time doing that?
How about with a relaxing detox massage
along with gentle work on the lymph system
to detox your body (incl. liver, colon, kidneys, etc)?
Do you want a practitioner who will help to motivate
and encourage you in your health goals incl. losing weight?
See various pages in my website for more info and promo
Energy healing Vancouver (reiki/therapeutic touch/chakra clearing)
Are you stressed out?  Off balance? Want to have more energy?
Feel stuck?  Not in flow?  Needing a boost to your creative juices?
Does your aura feel heavy?  Chakras blocked?  Want to heal & release emotions?
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To read my current posts:  In my website: go to the Page called “Blog” and there will be a continuous bunch of blogs.
If you only want to read the blogs related to a specific category then go to “Categories” and either click on  “Lymphatic Detoxification Massage” or “Energy Healing” (or other subject).  Be sure to read the one I wrote called “Bad Breath: Blame Colon, not Mouth” and “How Liver Toxins Can Affect Your Hormones & Weight”  and “Why Detox: Why Lymph Drainage Detox” and “Symptoms of  Lymphatic Congestion”.  Also check out the chakra quizzes in my website.  Thank you for reading.



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