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Lymphatic Drainage Detox Massage Vancouver

 Since I have been seeing Donna, my health has improved so much.  I find that supporting the lymphatic system is so important.  She has helped me with my inflammation pain (gone down considerably) and weight loss, and my energy is better than ever.  The style of lymph massage that Donna does is the best, in my opinion, in that it is both a relaxation massage and  a massage with a health benefit to the lymphatic system.  Donna is very good and very experienced with her lymphatic massage.

                                                                                A.D. (regular client since Sept/12)


 Newsporter reporter, TV show host, lifestyle,fitness,health writer, and avid runner (she once ran the Boston Marathon) Christine Blanchette wrote:  I felt relaxed during the lymph massage and more energized after the session.  It had me at ‘youthful glow’ too!

 Christine Blanchette, (www.runwithit.ca) See full published article and online in The Sherbrooke Record, Feb 28/14     http://www.sherbrookerecord.com/content/christine-runs-lymphatic-detoxification-massage-can-benefit-all-levels-runners


I decided to go to Donna Sam, a practitioner who has had over 15 years experience with energy healing, massage, reiki, and therapeutic touch! She is also certified in Lymphatic drainage massage, which was the ultimate deciding factor as I knew she would be very experienced with many patients. There were some areas I found to be quite tender, for example along the forearm and calf area. I felt so open and relaxed after the session.  Thanks, Donna

 Julie Shillabeer, R. Ac., Acucare Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation.


 Donna is knowledgeable, competent and thorough.  Her lymphatic drainage massage left me feeling lighter and more energised.  I have no hesitation in booking further sessions to truly reap the benefits of this effective and relaxing treatment.  

 She adds in a blog post in her website Sept 30/14 that “after 3 treatments, as well as seeing my ankle bones in all their glory, I now notice my boobs are not as puffy and heavy.  I feel lighter and my digestive system is functioning more efficiently.  All from moving stagnant lymph.”

The cherry on the cake is that I decided to do a series of Energy Healing treatments with Donna and have had marvellous results.  After each session I’ve felt lighter, brighter and more calm.  Specifically we were working on money issues and an unexpected windfall arrived at a very propitious time. (as posted in google review)

Christine Kay, Christine Kay Wellness.http://www.christinekaywellness.com/863/


 I have been seeing Donna Sam regularly for the lymph detox treatments and am extremely grateful to have found her! Since my very first treatment I have noticed improved health in my body (a decrease of inflammation especially) and increase/flow in my energy and circulation. Donna takes the time for diligent follow-up after every treatment I’ve received from her which shows that she genuinely cares about the health and well-being of her clients. She is very aware of the energy with which she works, as I’ve felt her cleared aura while she works despite however many clients she sees per day. During my appointments with Donna I have become more aware of the mind-body connection, and am so thankful to her for being a gentle facilitator in this learning & growth. I highly recommend Donna Sam as a practitioner, energy worker and healer!

 Cindy Anderson


If you’ve ever considered trying a lymphatic drainage massage, I urge you to stop procrastinating.  For almost a year I read Donna Sam’s informative articles and planned to one day experience one of these massages.  Well, I waited too long because I can honestly tell you that it immediately improved my health.  My work involves a lot of sitting at a computer and over the years my health started to deteriorate – too much stress hormone, feeling foggy, no energy, and weight gain.    After just one session I experienced the following:· An immediate tingly energized feeling that lasted all evening·  I slept well, but the next morning I felt body aches and sluggishness – this surely was a result of toxins having been released into my system·  Once I got moving around, stimulating my lymph, I felt increasingly better by evening·  For about a week following the massage, my urine had a very strong bad odour which Donna advised was the result of my body expelling toxins·  I felt more mental clarity, even  memory seemed to improve· I had developed swelling and discoloration in my ankles because of poor circulation – the discoloration noticeably decreased after the first week·  My vision also changed – everything appeared more bright.  Donna is very professional and you will feel very comfortable while undergoing this massage.  She followed up with me and provided great support information – truly amazing care.  I can highly recommend Donna and this treatment – especially if you lead a sedentary life style, but surely anyone would benefit.

N. Morrison 


I was feeling sluggish – not quite myself – a friend suggested lymphatic detox, so with nothing to lose I gave it try.
Donna was great, full of information and very supportive. After a wonderfully soothing detox massage she reminded me to drink lots of water ( Donna’s mantra!) and to look out for effects of the massage.
I am glad she did because the next day my urine was dark brown and I would have been worried if Donna hadn’t told me that this could happen because all the toxins were leaving my body. Real physical evidence that the massage works.
After the next massage – had to go back for more after the effects of the first time – I experienced wonderful mental alertness, all fogginess gone.
Now I go to see Donna often. She has become an essential part of my health regime.
And I feel so much better for doing it!
 Patricia Porter (as posted in google review)

I wanted to thank you for all the good work you have been doing with me. I was talking with a friend describing the lymphatic massages that you have been doing with me. I realized how much my life has changed in the last few months since we started.

The first amazing thing is my energy level has increased. I now have the energy to do just normal every day things without being exhausted. My other big change are my migraines. While I still get migraines, the length and severity has decreased significantly.

These have been issues for me for over 10 years, I have tried so many different treatments and nothing has helped.

Thank you so much for your healing touch.

 Mhairi McDonald


 I have had clusters of benign cysts in my breasts for a few years. I get yearly ultrasounds to monitor them and my doctor has advised against the need to aspirate all of them because it would be painful and could lead to infection. After my first lymphatic drainage massage from Donna, I noticed the cysts were much smaller and my breast tissue softened considerably. This lasted few several weeks and has been the only treatment that has had any effect on this condition at all. Thanks Donna!

Kate, Vancouver


 I originally came to see Donna for lymph drainage massage as I had breast cancer several years ago and am now cancer free.  After only 2 lymph massages, my severe premenstrual  cramps became so much less that I barely felt it this past month (and it was so bad before that I had to go to the hospital twice for the unbearable pain). My doctor wanted to give me injections (to stop the pain) which would put me into early menopause, and I did not want to do that!  After the 1st lymph massage I felt more rejuvenated, more energy & felt lighter. I peed a lot too (from releasing toxins).  I think I may have more toxins than normal in my liver from the breast cancer medication that I have to take as I do eat a healthy diet (although Donna tells me that stress creates toxins too!).   I also have seen Donna for the energy healing and it has helped me tremendously to calm  my anxious mind and I sleep a lot better. I felt quite an emotional release (cried a lot) a few days after my first healing but Donna told me this could happen.  Afterwards I felt so much better letting go of some held in sadness.  The healing leaves me deeply relaxed and I enjoy both the healing and the lymph massage so much.  I now see Donna regularly as she has helped me a lot.  I highly recommend her.

Catherine, Vancouver


 Donna was very thorough in her evaluation of my symptoms, and quite frankly it was the best lymphatic drainage massage I have even had!!! I would definitely go to Donna again and am referring family and friends. I felt so light and refreshed after, and the following day felt great!! Thank you!!

 Krystal, Vancouver


Donna is awesome and so knowledgeable about health and the body. Her lymphatic massage is calming, soothing and restorative. I’ve experienced reduced puffiness in my face and breasts, overall lightness and a “clean” feeling. It is so important to keep the liver and other organs functioning at optimal levels. Highly recommend if you’ve never had this treatment, book an appointment with Donna!

Deanna A. (as told in Google review)


I have had eczema since childhood and have been desperately seeking a solution all my adult life. It got at its worst just 2 summers ago when it got infected. Seeing a Naturopath who specializes in gut issues helped quite a bit from the inside out where I could tell the deep layers of the skins tissue   was less irritated but the surface scaliness remained. I have tried everything under the sun from all kinds of supplements, oils, creams, and alternative therapies but after just 2 sessions with Donna’s Lymphatic Drainage technique my eczema has significantly improved 80%! I am absolutely amazed and grateful for her knowledge and talented touch in having such a profound effect. Finally this stubborn mystery has found its answer in Donna and the Lymph system and she has found a life long advocate.



Energy Healing Vancouver

“From the moment I connected with Donna I felt that she had something unique to offer me. She immediately sensed where my energy could use a boost, and even in a 5 minute session I felt a difference and the heaviness lift.

I completed a series of six energy healing and reiki sessions with Donna and discovered what a truly powerful healer she is. Health issues improved, especially those ties to long-term emotional charges. Most notable was that my energy completely opened up. I felt a significant difference in my daily energy, and I have begun to attract people in my life who are an excellent fit with who I am, and have become important friends and clients.

I have full confidence recommending Donna, and am certain that she can be a key person in healing journey.”

Hillary Samson, business management consultant, Feb, 2014

“Anyways, apart from the yellow light & flying butterfly during the healing (that I “saw”), I remember that a mantra was also repeatedly chanting in my head.
Afterwords, my positivity was enhanced & I felt much lighter, even just walking was easier. People around me felt something different &  “saw”  me.
I felt more vulnerable that day in class, but even ’till now (which is great for the acting). My sensations & what I was feeling was much stronger & clearer. I even blushed for the first time after a long time . ^^
Plus it really has given a positive spin in my work…Presentation week was great!!!”
Luisa (Actor), was acting student Aug/2011 when she wrote this
“Just to let you know, I had a great sleep and no TMJ on waking!  I also felt very alert and clear last night and today in fact – got lots of jobs done!”
Grace Lane (Dec, 2013)
“I thought I’d wait a couple days to see how the healing has affected me before giving you a shout. A few days ago I had a big breakthrough in my life, I am no longer “Stuck” in what I want to do. Also, immediately after the healing I felt very clairvoyant, like I could almost tell how people were feeling just by looking at them. Very cool!”
“When  I first connected with Donna, what I noticed and greatly appreciated about her was her warmth, an insightful, respectful and compassionate attitude in her interactions and her willingness to offer a helping hand.When I went to Donna for an energy healing/clearing session, I was feeling fatigued, stressed and mentally drained and I was holding a lot of tension in my upper back and shoulders. An hour and a half later after the energy clearing and Reiki session, the muscles in my shoulder and back felt more relaxed, and I felt rejuvenated both physically and mentally. By gently clearing some blocked energy around communicating and creativity, Donna helped me to open up some “inner space” and flow, which in turn enabled me to find some more creative approaches and musings on how to tackle some communications and strategy pieces in my business that had had me stumped for a while. Thanks, Donna, for providing some powerful healing that got the creativity-communications channels flowing again, and thanks for the quiet, calm space that inspired some powerful visions.I highly recommend working with Donna to help identify and clear energy blocks that are creating challenges and obstacles in one’s outer life.”
Susan Chambers, writer, editor, and research consultant. Author of  Small Business, Big Change: A Microentrepreneur’s Guide to Social Responsibility
(2012 Night Owls Press)
Donna provides a compassionate and safe space for you to return to yourself.  Reiki with Donna has improved my energy levels, emotional stability and has allowed to me to deal with issues that I have not been able to confront in the past.  It’s amazing what comes up and through! Thank you Donna!
Had a much more restful sleep. Losing all the tightness in my back was such a wonderful relief. Third chakra calmer, not so reactive. Ahh…..some peace. Hmmm…fifth still has it’s triggers and has shifted some of the load to the fourth (surprise) which seemed to fluster and try to keep it’s balance when I dealt with an issue today. The words that came thru towards the end of the energy session yesterday were, “I’m back”.
Thx for the healing💕❣Z.M.

(A client wrote this the day after her energy healing/chakra clearing with me).  Effects can happen very quickly. They vary from person to person.)

 I am definitely feeling a lot lighter after the session! I was really fatigued yesterday evening and even sore/tender all over my body so there must have been a lot of things cleared but I’m OK today after some good rest. I did not experience any other notable detox symptoms besides that.

 I noticed an increase in clarity and less overwhelm of emotions, so I can at least process what exactly is causing any negative reactions/feelings and then consciously redirect my thoughts more effectively.

 Also it’s interesting that you found an imbalance in my throat chakra! I have definitely noticed improvements in that area. I often had a lot of tension on my esophagus which made swallowing uncomfortable but I feel like that has eased up a lot. I am also able to verbally communicate better and more freely at work. I never would’ve imagined that that could be affected by my chakra! I must hold a lot of tension there for some reason.

 I have also noticed an improvement in the emotional pain I had been experiencing the past couple weeks. It is far less acute and much more manageable when the triggering thoughts come up! Overall I feel more positive and less easily overwhelmed or panicked, despite a very busy day at work.

 My gut is also feeling much better and more relaxed. It had been very tense before the session. Seems like it is related to resistance to certain feelings especially when they seem overwhelming and negative energy gets trapped there.

 (Two days after her session she said she noticed a significant increase in sales after a slow period.)  She adds:  I just can’t believe how amazing things are getting already after doing some clearing work with you!

 A month later this client came to see me for lymph drainage massage.  She wrote to me the day after and said:

 I am actually feeling more energized and clearer minded after the session. My belly is flatter and my shorts actually feel loose, which is amazing as I often looked bloated there! I have only experienced positive effects, although interestingly enough it took me a while to fall asleep last night for some reason – maybe it was from being more energized.

 Also, at work when I would usually get very sleepy in the afternoon that was much reduced today and I was barely sleepy.

 C.Y., Vancouver



Other  testimonials can be found in the FAQ’s (lymph massage) section and a few can be found under Lymphatic Drainage Massage (under comments to my Page)


Relaxation Massage or Foot Reflexology/Back Massage Combo

Donna was professional and thorough and I had a very relaxing one hour massage. I would recommend.

Christian M

I really enjoyed Donna’s relaxation massage.  It was not as  light as I had thought it might be and she used elbows and forearms on the back and shoulder blades area (she told me was using some Thai massage techniques as she knew I wanted a bit more pressure).  My shoulders, which were stiff and tight before, felt so much better at the end.  Even  my neck and whole body felt looser.  It was also not painful (which I did not want) but just what I would call “good pain” in the shoulder/back area.  I’ve booked another session



I treated myself to a relaxation massage from Donna and by the end of it, I felt like I was in heaven – drifted off somewhere in la la land.  I am a cyclist so wanted extra work on my hamstrings and Donna accommodated me and I felt lighter in my calves, neck, shoulder & back.  I’ll be booking another appointment for sure. Thanks Donna.

Linda I.


I loved the work Donna did on my feet, back and shoulders. She told me that reflexology corresponds to organs or parts of the body. She said she could help my back, neck and shoulder pain by working on my feet!  I did the foot reflexology/back massage combo and sure enough, I suddenly felt my back pain ease up and she told me she was working the back reflex on the foot!  Another time, I mentioned my knee and hips were bothering me and the next day my knee was so much better and I felt like I could do a proper lunge and get off the chair properly when before it was a struggle.  I’ve booked a whole series of the foot reflexology/back massage combos.  My back and shoulders felt good too. My favourite part is when she uses her elbows and forearms.  Donna told me it is best to let her know problem areas at the beginning of the session as she may be able to combine both reflexology and massage techniques so I get better results!  I used to just relax and not say much but doing that has made my sessions even better (and I was already happy before).


The relaxation massage was great. I had great sleep. I especially enjoyed:

1.      The massaging of the IT band on the side of my thighs (this felt amazing and just the right pressure, it gets real tight for runners)

2.      The bottom of my feet, the pressure points

3.      The shins

4.      The back (the hard pressure applied around my shoulder blades – got rid of the knots)


———————————————————————————————————-(More testimonials to come…)


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