Why detox? Why a lymph drainage detox?

I have been asked why a person would want to do lymph drainage detox massage as opposed to just doing a cleanse from the health store (or something equivalent).

In order to answer that question it is necessary to understand what the lymph system of the body is.


It is the system of the body that drains all the wastes and toxins from the body (e.g. bacteria, viruses, dead cells, proteins, toxins/wastes).  It is also about fluid balance and defending the body against infections (the thymus gland, tonsils, spleen and bone marrow are lymphatic tissue).  It also plays a role in fat absorption in the intestine. Without this important system (which is a parallel system to the blood system) we would die in 3 days.

All those toxins need to be drained first from the lymph system before it can exit the body.  Think of it this way:  they are like the drains of your body to eliminate waste (“internal plumbing” – as the first point of elimination to get those toxins out.   (Imagine if your sink or tub was clogged – do you only clean the sink or the drains?).  70% of your Gut Associated Lymph Tissue (GALT) is in your gut working hard to get those toxins out so they can eventually be processed by the liver, colon, kidneys.   This is why doing a liver or colon cleanse is not enough if you have a stagnant lymph system as it is the “drains” (the lymph vessels/nodes) that need to be de-clogged first before the toxins can exit the colon (large intestine).

I have many clients who have done liver and colon cleanses and/or colon hydrotherapy (and eat healthily and have done elimination diets where they have eliminated their food sensitivities) but still have issues with their health (e.g. digestive/elimination/low energy/sinuses, acne, etc) and can’t figure out why.  It is because they have neglected to clean out the “drains” – their internal plumbing.  They only remembered to clean out the sink (liver/colon, etc) and not the drains (lymph vessels).   (See various blogs in my website including “How Liver Toxins Affect your Hormones & Weight” , “Armouring your Immune System with Lymph Massage”, and “Lymph System and your Health”.)  This is not to say that you should not do a cleanse from the health store – in fact, I do recommend it as additional treatment in addition to excellent diet and exercise and lymphatic drainage.

How do you know if you have a stagnant lymph system.    Take a look at this checklist I found on http://www.lifespa.com


John Douillard, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (www.lifespa.com) says that “Congestion of the lymph will default the toxins back to the liver, which can easily become overwhelmed and dump toxins back into the bloodstream, where are they are dumped into fat cells and brain cells to be stored. Through lymph vessels, the brain detoxifies 3 pounds of waste each year, which is close to the entire weight of the brain. When the lymph and liver are both congested, these toxins put the body at great risk for unnecessary health concerns and accelerated aging.” From his blog “What Happened to Natural Detox” dated March 15, 2016.

What can you expect to feel from receiving a lymph drainage detox massage from me? Initially (the day after or sometimes a few days after), you may experience some detox symptoms (like fatigue, headache, aches and pains, etc) and that is normal (although not everyone experiences that).  This is from the toxins being brought to the surface.  You can then expect more energy (especially after a number of sessions).  Wouldn’t you like to wake up with way more energy and/or get rid of that afternoon slump so you can accomplish a lot more and feel better? You can also expect  improvement in your digestion/elimination (gas/bloating), toning in your muscles (I have especially noticed it in the abdominal region (client’ s pants feel looser) and the arms to start with), weight loss,  less swelling in legs/ankles/arms if you have fluid retention, reduction in PMS (including issues with swollen breasts, cramps, irritability, hormonal acne), improvement in skin – eczema, rashes, acne, pimples, etc.  This type of massage has an anti-aging effect too – a youthful glow is one of the bonuses!

Clients also say they feel less stressed when they do regular lymph massages – I think it may be due to how the toxins “stress” the body and when we get the toxins out, our bodies feel less stressed.   Toxins lead to inflammation and inflammation is linked to degenerative diseases, according to the experts.  The most important thing is you do get toxins out of your body from this type of massage. I know a lot of people feel skeptical about how this can be.  I tell people this is not a normal relaxation massage (even though 80% of it is massage  which clients find very enjoyable).  It is a specialized type of massage specific to the lymphatic system.  You can google lymph system and lymph drainage massage yourself to see more information.  Skin glows too when you get your toxins out (with no surgery or magical creams!).  Practically everyone says they feel “lighter” at the end of the session.  The session includes work on the lymph system & lymph nodes and includes relaxation massage strokes.  This style is not the style typically done by RMT’s, i.e., this is not the Vodder method.   (You might even forget this is a lymph massage as you are dozing off on the massage table.)  Many people feel extremely relaxed on the table as this type of massage also works on the parasympathetic nervous system.  People typically have a very good sleep the evening (or maybe for a few nights) of their lymph massage.  More details can be found in the FAQ section of my website.  I have also attached below my first time promo.



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