Media Coverage – Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Christine Runs: The Lymphatic Detoxification Massage can benefit all levels of runners

February 27, 2014

Some runners participating in big events like marathons will want – or more likely need – a post race massage. Having a massage afterwards feels good and can alleviate aches and pains and lactic acid buildup. Some runners include massage therapy as part of their training regime to help shorten recovery time between workouts, while sprinters use massage therapy to help with their muscle flexibility.
Indeed, having sports massage treatment can help a runner’s recovery, while reducing the risk of injury. Now you can add another type of massage that may be helpful to runners: the lymphatic detoxification massage.
It’s a treatment which removes toxins from the body and breaks down congestion. It improves the immune system and circulation. Not enough? It contributes to a youthful glow, relieves stress, increases energy and stamina, is great for weight loss; decreases cellulite, reduces fluid retention (edema) and swelling and improves digestion and elimination. It had me at ‘youthful glow.’
Donna Sam, certified in lymphatic drainage (detoxification) massage, explained how lymph massage benefits runners: “It can help runners recover from a sports injury when they are not able to get deep tissue massage. The lymph massage helps by increasing circulation and helps by reducing edema (fluid retention) and swelling.”
Sam continued, “I helped someone with a sports injury on his knee and he said he noticed a huge improvement the next day in that the swelling went down significantly. The other benefit would be the increased energy. Most people, especially healthy people, notice a significant increase in energy the next day from getting the toxins out of their body.” The Lymph massage is a gentle to medium pressure rhythmic and flowing massage blended with oil and thumb rolling movements to get the lymph moving.
I had the opportunity to experience this massage and felt relaxed and more energized. Before my session, Sam had me fill out the form about any health concerns or injuries that I may have.
After my session, Sam advised to drink plenty of water to get rid of the toxins and to avoid sugar and alcohol, Sam emailing a reminder to that affect. “It will also help to alleviate any detox symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. You may observe a sensation of feeling lighter, increased thirst, increased urination (body is excreting toxins – this is positive), notice a reduction in cravings over next few days and a desire to eat healthier, some even feel some pain relief, e.g. in their arms as toxins are linked to inflammation. Others comment on feeling less bloated.”
Sam is passionate about her work, saying, “I get enormous satisfaction from seeing the results in regular clients that I see every week. They all practically notice an increase in energy, their abs get toned after a few sessions – some without even having to exercise – (not that I encourage that) and I see them gradually losing weight if that is their goal. It’s rewarding to see them noticing their own improvements in their health issues.
“Many notice a reduction in bloating / gas,” Sam continued, adding, “Some notice reduction in cravings and start eating differently without it being part of the plan (e.g. quite a number of them have switched to a gluten free diet and are telling me their great ideas!). Some notice pain disappears. I had one woman who after one session was about to get orthotics for her foot pain that was not going away. (However) her pain disappeared and she was in high heel boots very shortly thereafter when I saw her a week later.”
Sam said, “If you Google lymphatic drainage massage (the proper name) you will see a lot of information on its benefits, particularly with regard to the Vodder method for lymphedema, e.g. cancer patients who have breast cancer and had their armpit nodes removed, have to do lymphatic drainage massage to deal with the swelling (edema) on their arms (to drain the lymph).”
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