Firma Energywear Circulation Socks/Leggings/Compression Knee Bands, Class 1 Medical Device

Firma Energywear Circulation (Compression) Socks/Leggings/Compression Knee Bands

I am now a distributor for Firma Energywear Circulation (Compression)  Socks/  Leggings/Compression Knee Bands (and other compression clothing in the line).  These products are a Class 1 Medical Device Model 3772.  The products are sold by distributors such as myself (as a practitioner of lymphatic drainage massage)  and  are also  now sold in high end spas/hotels such as the Vida Spa in the Sutton Hotel in downtown Vancouver as the high rise leggings and tops are beautiful & stylish shapewear and activewear  (and also great for international travel due to the circulation benefit).  (And you get the bonus of the amazing health benefits listed below!)

If you get  a referral from a doctor for a circulation issue (e.g. varicose  or spider veins, diabetes, swollen legs/ankles, cold hands and feet, legs get swollen during long flights, etc), the compression socks (and possibly the High Rise Leggings) may be claimed under your employer’s extended health plan.

People without circulation issues also enjoy these socks and leggings.  E.g. athletes, runners  and sports enthusiasts enjoy lower muscle fatigue and reduction of lactic acid buildup. (this has been clinically tested.) This leads to significant performance advantages and increased recovery times.  People who stand all day (e.g. nurses, store clerks) or people who sit all day and are inactive enjoy them.   Also great for heavy, achy or tired legs. Women enjoy them as beautiful shapewear, yoga wear.  Pilots, people who travel and  sit in airplanes a lot,  long haul drivers enjoy them too (travelling  for more than 4 hours can lead to an increase in the risk of  blood clots forming in the veins of the legs).  Even people in the film industry enjoy them for the thermoregulation effect.  Men and women enjoy the anti-cellulite/inch loss effect (clinical studies show people lost 2-5 inches  in 30 days when the High Rise Leggings and Invisible tank top was worn 6 hours a day  (Note: the tops and other products in the Firma line are not covered by Extended Health Plans).  The detoxification effect is also a desirable property of this product.  (I am sure you are familiar with far infrared saunas for detoxification which I already recommend to my lymph drainage detox clients).  Other cosmetic enhancements include: increased collagen synthesis, skin elasticity and skin smoothness, leading to healthier, younger looking skin.

The Circulation Socks and Leggings improve blood microcirculation. Active biocrystals hold heat and stimulate microcirculation by reflecting the heat back into the body as far infrared energy, causing a warming circulatory effect. Far infrared energy is the same gentle energy we experience from the warmth of sunlight or body heat.  This stimulation causes a host of benefits such as increased vasolidation and superior tissue health.  It also has the following properties:  reduced muscle fatigue leading to quicker recovery of sore muscles and less lasting pain. (which is why the socks are popular with runners).  Also as part of  the far infrared benefit it is  also  good for aches and pains (see some of the testimonials or listen to the youtube videos).  It also has anti-cellulite/inch loss effects (these have both been clinically tested).  Improved thermoregulation is another property of this product.  Wear 6 hours a day.  The owner of Firma Energywear, Yvonne Hogenes, also says it is great for menopausal women with hot flashes.

The far infrared compression knee bands help anyone with arthritis, inflammation, or soreness in joints or knee tendons.  It will provide pain relief, reduce stiffness, swelling, inflammation, heal injuries like torn tendons or ligaments and help one recover faster from surgery or other knee injuries.  The wearer will benefit from increased blood circulation to the area (from the far infrared benefit & compression) which will speed up healing.

What is FIRMA energywear made of?
FIRMA energywear is made of a polyamide-based yarn that has had bioactive crystals incorporated into the structure of the yarn itself.

These crystals have the ability to capture and reflect body heat, which provide numerous benefits to the wearer. Previous fabrics achieved similar results using coatings and capsules that had been embedded into the yarn, but those would wear out with washes & wear. FIRMA’s effects never wash out as they are physically incorporated into the yarn itself, making it a great innovation in the world of ‘intelligent fibres’.

What makes FIRMA energywear unique?
FIRMA energywear is made with the only yarn relying on a sophisticated polyamide 6.6 polymer combined with bioactive crystals incorporated into its actual DNA, which brings clear advantages over other technologies, including:

– Everlasting effect: its bioactive properties remain unchanged even after unlimited washings

– Comfort and Easy Care: polyamide microfibers are typically easy to care for and very soft to the skin. FIRMA is no different and the technology does not affect these inherent benefits

Non-allergic: FIRMA energywear clothing holds an Oeko-tex certificate, meaning it is free of allergens or toxins. The interaction between FIRMA and the body is entirely physical, and doesn’t involve any interactions with chemicals or treatments
– Easy Care and Eco-friendly: FIRMA energywear is easy to wash, dries fast, and doesn’t need to be ironed. It is also a very ecofriendly product to manufacture, with no residual disposal and a low environmental impact.
Is there any recommended way to wear FIRMA energywear?

For maximum results and benefits, FIRMA should be worn for at least 6 hours per day for at least 30 consecutive days. It can be worn as lingerie or another second skin layer while working, at the gym, or whatever else you may be doing! It is a very versatile fabric that can be worn for fashion or as function depending on your lifestyle and needs

How does FIRMA energywear work?

FIRMA energywear absorbs “infrared” waves emitted by human body and
re-emits the absorbed resonance as “far infrared” waves, which then
penetrate the human body, promoting blood micro-circulation, vasodilation,
and muscle tissue stimulation to a depth of 5cm

What are “Far-infrared” waves?

Far-infrared waves are electromagnetic in nature; invisible to the naked eye and
characterized by low energy and shallow penetration. Their effect on the body
occurs without any collateral damage to biological tissues. “Far Infrared” waves are
able to stimulate the human body through the strong interaction they have with
water molecules, which represent 70% of human body mass.


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Are FIRMA energywear’s claims backed by clinical science?
The yarn that FIRMA is made with was created by the Rhodia group. Rhodia has extensive history in consumer markets, especially in the cosmetic field. From the beginning of its development, FIRMA’s technology has undergone all of the necessary clinical testing in world-class laboratories. Comprehensive medical surveillance of these projects achieved the intended results under recognized scientific protocols

Circulation Sock Long (shown) $50.    Sock (short, not shown) calf length $40.

Socks are unisex (both women and men)

I was reminded again how fabulous the long socks are as I wore them on a 10 hr flight to and from London recently and my legs were very comfortable. No swelling!  No worries about blood clots.  No tired legs from all the standing at museums or from all the walking!  I would never travel without my Firma socks.

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High Rise Leggings $120. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XL, 2X (Black, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Navy)

XS  4’8″-5’4″                up to110 lbs           Size 0-2

S  up to 5’7″                   100-125 lbs          size 4-6

M  5’2″-5’9″                   120-145 lbs           size 8-10

L  5’4″-6’0″                     140-180 lbs          size 12-14

XL  5’4″-6’+                    170 to 205 lbs     size 16-18

2X  5’4″-6’+                     200+ lbs                size 20+ Leggings $110

See pdf of Brochure attached FIRMABrochure

See attached pdf of  testimonials: 30 day challenge (inch/weight loss), swollen legs, other testimonials.

30 day challenge-1   



Attached in link below is another unsolicitied testimonial from Patti Pao, CEO or Restoresea, a frequent traveller who does a lot of travelling and knew how important compression tights were to prevent clots, increase circulation and to prevent blood from pooling during her her long flights . She compares 3 products and Firma Energywear is the bottom one in the link.  She gave Firma a grade of ‘A’ in Fashion, Form/Fit and Grade!   (copy and paste if not click through)

Below are some youtube videos/testimonials  featuring the Firma Energywear line. Or you can google: youtube Firma Energywear

What makes these socks and leggings different from other compression socks that you can get at the drugstore (besides the above-noted health properties)?

Comfort and flexibility.  Many compression garments can stiffen and limit the range of motion of the person wearing them but FIRMA moves and flexes with the body as if you’re not wearing anything at all.  FIRMA will give you all the benefits of compression garment without the restriction of movement typical of ‘regular’ compression.

Other popular garments are below.

Invisible Tank Top (above)  $85

Black, Beige, Chocolate, White, Dark Grey, Navy, Blush Pink

This top is very popular. People love it in the gym, at yoga, for active wear, under tops in the fall/winter, etc and this top was used in the clinical studies paired with the leggings where inch & weight loss occurred wearing this. (see Testimonials “30 day challenge”)

Sport Tank with Bra insert (no foam padding) $125 (above)

Black, Dark Grey, Purple Tank (turquoise or lime green), reg $95, sale $70 (fits as correct sizing, so if you are medium in top size, it fits as medium)

V neck 3/4 sleeve (above) Purple or Turquoise, Reg $99, sale $70.  The Black colour is $99.  (Note:  I have had really positive feedback on this 3/4 V top. Clients love that it is breathable (as all the products are), has anti-odor property and that they can go for a walk (in the summer heat) or go to the gym or yoga class and not be all sweaty feeling (or smelling like it) after a walk in the hot sun or a gym or yoga class.  I love that same feature and this is my favourite top!)

Long Sleeve Mock Neck (above) $110 Black.  Sale $80 Chocolate, Sale $80 White (Fitted top) Sleeve Scoop Neck $130 (loose fitting) Relaxed Mock Neck Sweater $120 (loose fitting) Sport Bra $75 (no foam padding) Shorts $70 Shorts $99 Slip Tank $95 find the Fitted tops fit a bit too tightly, in my opinion.  I would recommend going up one size in the Fitted tops unless you fit in the lower end of the size scale and/or prefer a more compressed tighter feeling as some people do.  (For loose tops, they fit the same as if you are a medium, then get the medium). The Urban tank fits as correct sizing. Compression Band $65 each or $85 for the pair (see top of this page for benefits of this product)   S, M, L, XL.

Sizing  for Knee Compression Band:

Measurement                                                          S                        M                      L                        XL

Thigh circumference 5″ above knee    12-14.5″           14.5-17″         17-19.5″       19.5=22″

This is one of our  most popular products.  See commentary in my Firma intro section. Compression Band $40 Arm sleeve compression band $70 compression band $55 Elbow compression band $55


Men’s compression clothing also available. Ask me if interested.

Email me or call to view or to purchase. Tax added (7% PST only; there is no GST being charged by me at this time although that may change down the road).  No charge for shipping at this time if you pick up.  By Appointment Only. See separate Contact Page for more details.


 ———-Promotion re:  Firma Energywear compression Hi Rise Leggings/Socks/Knee compression bands/Tops (with far infrared benefits)

Organize 4-8 women (well, men too if they would be willing to come as the socks are unisex!)  for a lunch hour work gathering or evening “home party” and receive 10% of the sales of your friends/coworkers  in credit toward product.  Also, as a host, you will  receive a  gift  of a  free 30 minute foot reflexology or back massage or energy healing just for hosting a gathering or “home party” (to be booked at a future date).  The compression socks (and possibly the leggings) can be claimed under your  Extended Health Plan as it is a Class 1 Medical Device Model 3772 if you have a prescription from your doctor for circulation issue.  Email or call for details or to book.