Donna’s Services: Summary

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Vancouver (Detoxification)

Donna Sam Energy Healing Vancouver B.C.

Reiki Vancouver


Reiki/Therapeutic Touch/Chakra Clearing
Remove toxins from the body & break down congestion in the body thus reducing inflammation in the body ENERGY: More energy & vitality
Improve the immune system (lymphocytes are increased after a session) CALMNESS OF MIND: Deep relaxation, stress relief, more balance, relieve anxiety and insomnia
Improve circulation PAIN RELIEF: Relieve pain, e.g. Neck/shoulder/back pain, migraines
Relieve stress, get very relaxed
CLARITY:  More clarity so you can pursue what you want
Increase energy and stamina LETTING GO: Get help to balance and clear your energy field & chakras so you can let go of emotional baggage and move forward in your life
Achieve weight loss (if desired);decrease cellulite ATTRACTION:  Attract more money, better relationships, improved health, or more of what you want by unblocking stuck energy & creating more flow in your chi energy.
Reduce fluid retention & swelling, especially in legs & ankles CREATIVITY:  Increase your creativity (not necessarily artistic). What  do you want to create or achieve?
Improve digestion & elimination
Alleviate PMS & other hormonal symptoms
 —————————— ———————-
Foot Reflexology/Back

Massage Combo

 Relaxation Massage
 —————————–  Foot Reflex/Energy Healing  Combo
Corporate Healing

Benefit: I come to your office in Vancouver.  Free 5 minutes or 15 min. for $20.  Great way to sample the healing work that I do.

Lunch and Learn:  Free information sessions.  Free demos.  See what an energy healing feels like, looks like.  Get stress relief, relaxation, calmness of mind and focus.  Get a boost to your immune system too!  Release some held in emotions, get flow happening with your energy. Get unstuck!

I also offer free 5 minute mini healings at business networking meetings I attend or at your appointment with me. Ask also about energy healing open houses. Ask to be put on email list of where I will next be if interested.


Please go to separate page headings of  my website  for detailed flyers/promos


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