Corporate Healing at your office

Donna Sam/Energy Healing Services: Corporate  Healing   Email:

Cell 778-232-8964

Stress is a huge cost to companies.  It costs millions of dollars in absenteeism, decreased productivity, lower engagement by employees, lowered morale, etc.


Does your company wish to:


__ save money


__ reduce absenteeism


__ improve productivity and creativity


__ reduce stress among employees and create work/life balance


__ help employees feel more engaged in the workplace


__ help employees feel more balanced, calm, relaxed, peaceful


__ help employees decrease anxiety and depression and improve mood


__ help employees get along better with their coworkers


__ help employees have more energy and vitality, restore energy balance


__ help employees reduce pain or tension in their neck/shoulders/back, ease headaches/migraines


__ help employees heal faster from injuries, colds/flu by accelerating healing


Donna Sam is a spiritual healer and a Reiki 2nd degree practitioner.  She has also completed Levels 1 and 2 of Therapeutic Touch in addition to many other courses in the alternative healing field.


She does a powerful and unique  energy healing which blends therapeutic touch,   reiki, and chakra clearing drawing upon her more than 15 years of experience.  Therapeutic touch is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique developed in the 1970’s by a Professor of Nursing, Dolores Krieger and her mentor, Dora Kunz, a renowned intuitive healer. It is widely taught at universities, colleges and communities around the world and many research papers have been published on its effectiveness.  Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese hands-on healing developed by Dr. Mikao Usui.  It has similar effects as Therapeutic touch.

Format & Fee or Lunch & Learn

She offers  an open house format at your office in Vancouver (takes about an hour, e.g. during your lunch break or right after work) when there is a minimum of 4-6 participants.  Each participant will receive either a free 5 min. seated healing or  they can choose to receive a longer 15 min. healing for $20.  Relieve stress, calm the mind, relieve anxiety, relieve pain, increase energy, feel more balanced and grounded.  This is a great way to introduce the healing work that Donna does.  Participants remain fully clothed and are seated on an ordinary chair.

Or there is also the option of a Lunch and Learn where she will explain the energy healing work that she does (reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra clearing) and how it can benefit employees in the workplace and in their personal life.  There can be more than 6 people for this and would include a 5 min. demo on a few people (but obviously there would not be time for do everyone.)  There is no charge for the Lunch and Learn event.



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