Free talk at Gaia Garden Herbals: lymphatic drainage detox massage June 7

I will be doing a free talk at Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary, 2672 W. Broadway, Vancouver on Thurs, June 7, 1:30-2pm on the benefits of lymphatic drainage detox massage.  From 2-5:30pm  I will be offering free 10-15 min. one on one consultations so you can see if this would be beneficial for you. Or choose a 30 min appointment which includes a consultation and a 10-15 min. mini lymph drainage demonstration on you by donation.  Email me to pre-register for the talk and/or free consultation as there is very limited seating and/or consultations. 


The Best Kept Secret in the Health Industry:

Lymphatic Drainage Detox Massage

Donna Sam has been practicing lymphatic drainage detox massage for 6 years. Her techniques are
geared toward the average person who wants to rid their body of toxins. People who get frequent head-
aches, have joint pain and inflammation, recurrent respiratory problems, fatigue, difficulty losing weight,
often have toxin overload and are needing to detox. Donna’s techniques can help give you more energy, brain clarity, lose weight,reduce cellulite, boost your immune system, relieve PMS and other hormone issues, and even reduce skin problems like eczema and acne.  Lymphatic drainage detox massage can also help relieve bloating, gas,
elimination issues, etc. And can be very effective for improving circulation and reducing fluid retention issues (such as swollen legs and ankles). Known to alleviate allergy-like symptoms (e.g. hay fever, watery eyes, runny nose) and it
does an amazing job of calming the nervous system and improving your sleep.

About vandonnasam

Reiki 2nd Degree and Spiritual Healer, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Clearing, Certified Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Thai Massage Diploma
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