A Healthy Lymph System=A Healthy You

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Have you been feeling fatigued or low in energy lately? Maybe you’re having unexplained soreness and swelling. Or perhaps you’re experiencing harsher than normal allergies, acne, bloating or itching? This, along with many other subtle signs, may be your body’s way of yelling for help! This may be your lymphatic system needing some serious attention. We’ll show you how to detox your body of waste with all natural treatments to get back to that vibrant you!

Lymphatic System

Have you ever considered where cells in your body go when they die? Or how the body rids itself of heavy metals, poisonous chemicals, viruses and other toxins? That’s where the Lymphatic System comes in. Essentially, the lymphatic system is the body’s waste removal system; its drainage system.  This system drains waste from the blood and from almost every cell in your body by passing it through your lymph nodes for purification. Without it, your body would quickly build up an excess of toxins and expire.

Like with every other complex system in our bodies, we must nurture it to keep it functioning effectively. When our lymphatic system is not performing at full gear, we will begin to experience congestion.

Lymph Congestion

Stress and lack of exercise can seriously aggravate your lymph system causing swelling, pain, soreness and other awful symptoms. Inadequate hydration is also another key cause of lymph congestion; just one more reason to keep reaching for that water bottle!

Natural Treatment

The best thing you can do to counteract lymph congestion is to get up and move! But because many of us spend hours upon hours a day sitting in a chair, we all could use a little assistance to get that Lymph system active.


A lymphatic drainage (detox) massage is one of the most effective, easy and relaxing ways to detoxify your body. And frankly, who doesn’t love a good massage? This special treatment will relieve stress, improve circulation and specifically target the lymph. Deep breathing aids in proper lymphatic flow, so the deep serenity that inevitably comes with a massage will consequently provide even more relief. It’s also a good way to wrap up a cleanse or detox to enhance those benefits even further.

As mentioned above, the best way to prevent lymph congestion (and most other ailments) is good old fashioned exercise. Get that body moving! Do yoga, go for a jog, or just make sure to get up and stretch during your long 9-5 of sitting in a chair. Movement is imperative to a healthy lymphatic system.

Be sure to drink plenty of H2O to keep from dehydrating, especially in the hot summer months or when exercising. Water is so vital to your overall health and wellbeing and the lymph is no exception. Water, water, water!

Beets, cherries and berries are very good for the lymph system. As are dark, leafy greens and vegetables; chlorophyll helps to purify your blood of toxic build up.

Dry Brushing

To stimulate your lymphatic system, use a natural bristle brush on your body before getting under the shower. Brush your skin in a circular motion working upwards from the feet to the torso, and in from the fingers to your chest. This mimics the way your lymph system flows; toward the heart.

About The Author:

Julie Mangat is ethicalDeal’s very own Production Manager. Beyond handling the day to day deals, she also gets to flex her ‘left-brained’ muscles with art direction, graphic design and copywriting. A lover of yoga, juicing and tree-climbing, her time away from her Mac (and Netflix) is spent sipping on tasty cold-pressed concoctions out in nature. She’s a self-proclaimed wanderlust junkie, avid backpacker and has a deep desire to see the entire world one day.

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Reiki 2nd Degree and Spiritual Healer, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Clearing, Certified Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Thai Massage Diploma
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