Anti-aging effects of Lymphatic Drainage (detox) Massage

Did you know that lymphatic drainage (detox) massage has an anti-aging effect?

Here are a few comments specifically regarding the anti-aging effect that from my clients:

Christine Blanchette, newspaper reporter, health writer,TV show host and avid runner ( said after her lymph massage with me that “she was at youthful glow”.

Other comments: “the lines on my face seem less, look more youthful”.

Another woman  commented that her coworkers noticed something dramatically amazing about her the following day and asked her what she had done. They wondered if she had had a $200 facial! (My client had not noticed this in herself as I guess it is hard to see how different we can look when we look in the mirror at ourselves everyday!) The only thing my client could think of was that she had had a lymph drainage massage with me the evening before (she had been a few times prior). Her coworkers commented how radiant she looked, they admired the texture of the skin, her glowing complexion and other positive phrases (As a side note, one of her coworkers called me that same day to book a session!)

A client the other day commented that her husband noticed that the dark circles under her eyes seemed a lot less (this is after about 3 sessions).

How is this possible?

Getting toxins out of the body, which is what lymphatic drainage massage does, improves everything about your body. There are 7 channels of elimination in your body: liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system. When I do this type of massage on you, you will benefit in all of those areas and improve your digestion, immune system, circulation, etc. Your skin benefits as toxins are being removed. This is similar to how your skin will glow when you do a cleanse (e.g. herbal cleanse, juice cleanse, etc). However, the lymph massage will work on other levels too, e.g. circulation to the skin of course will cause more blood flow to the face (making you glow some more).  This is in a totally natural way without skin care creams, serums or other cosmetic enhancements or surgical face lifts.

Of course, your skin may initially break out as toxins are being released (similar to when you do a cleanse and can get pimples, headaches and flu-like symptoms. Not everyone will experience those symptoms. (It is recommended to be well hydrated prior to your session and to also drink lots of water post session.)

Dr. Bruno Chikly, M.D. and Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) says in an article entitled “Best Face Forward: The Mini Face Lift Effects of Lymph Drainage Therapy“(Massage Magazine, February 2012), that not only does lymph drainage help edema (fluid retention), it always helps with reduction of appearance of scars and wrinkles. He says “The cleansing effects of lymphatic techniques are not just a cover-up. We use them to detoxify with rapid and wonderful results that manifest in all areas of the body.

The liver, for example, benefits from a release of waste from the long-term intake of medications and alcohol, as well as the effects of food allergies, intolerance or toxins.

The small intestine receives cleansing of the residual effects of “leaky gut”syndrome. And the lungs are relieved of any buildup of toxins. Releasing these waste products from the tissue not only promotes tissue healing and regeneration, it adds to the shine of the complexion. These are among the physiological effects nature intended with the lymphatic system and body fluid in general.”

Another reason lymph drainage has an anti-aging effect is the way it works on the parasympathetic nervous system promoting a deep state of relaxation to not only the body but to the face. Releasing skin tension helps to regenerate and oxygenate, thereby improving overall facial beauty. Reducing stress on the body and face of course also help to relax the face, beautifying the client. We all know how stress ages us and makes us look years older unnecessarily! (Toxins too create stress on the body).

Dr Chikly adds: “The process of detoxification of the body and rejuvenation of tissues naturally promotes anti-aging. Today, manual lymphatic techniques are the number one esthetic massage used in European skin care, and most cosmetologists include it in their face and body treatments.”

I googled “lymphatic drainage anti-aging” and found many interesting articles and youtube videos on lymph drainage and anti-aging and do-it-yourself lymph drainage massage for anti-aging for your face.

Here’s an interesting youtube video I found but there are many more:






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