Energy Healing Open House Sun, May 11,11-2 (Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive)

Bikram Yoga & Donna Sam invite you to an

Energy Healing Open House

   1109 Commercial Drive, Sun May 11, 11am – 2pm

Free 5 min or 15 minute energy healing $20 cash

(15 min includes clearing of all 7 chakras)

Enter draw to win a one-hour energy healing at half off regular price


Are you looking for:

  • More energy and vitality
  • Stress relief, more focus, more balance
  • Calmness of mind, relief from anxiety, better sleep
  • A hand to release held in emotions (e.g. anger, guilt, resentment)
  • Pain relief (e.g. headaches, shoulder/neck/back pain)
  • A hand to get “unstuck” and to clear your aura & chakras so you have more flow with your chi energy and more “openings”
  • More clarity and self-awareness

Donna Sam is a spiritual healer and a Reiki 2nd degree practitioner. She has also completed Levels 1 and 2 of Therapeutic Touch in addition to many other courses in the alternative healing field. She also regularly volunteers her time doing energy healing at Inspire Health, a non-profit integrated cancer centre, and does regular open houses.


Donna’s powerful and unique energy healing blends therapeutic touch, reiki, and chakra clearing, drawing upon her more than 15 years of experience. From a yoga instructor at the recent Yoga Show: “You are an amazing healer; I felt like I let go of a whole layer of stuff!”


Other testimonials: “I feel so much lighter… attracted so much business so quickly… feel very relaxed, peaceful…. so calm…..feels so, so good…..more clarity….. more energy in the day or 2 that followed…… neck pain has gone…….seem more aware…… increased sense of confidence”, ……..major breakthroughs……. more grounded……feel so awesome, renewed, refreshed, a new lease on everything I want to achieve…… felt someone cared about me….. amazing…… started eating better, lost some cravings, started exercising…… willpower increased….. opening up more, don’t feel as shut down…… handling stress better…….. feel stronger, more confident”.

Info on Energy Healing open house:

Donna Sam Cell 778-232-8964

Donns Sam

Donna Sam
Spiritual/Energy Healer

(If you wish to RSVP or have questions, please contact Donna via email or phone. RSVP is not necessary though).



Info on Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive open house 604-251-9642 (Bikram Yoga studio telephone)



About vandonnasam

Reiki 2nd Degree and Spiritual Healer, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Clearing, Certified Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Thai Massage Diploma
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