Chakra quiz link from Dr Oz /Neurologist

Here is a link to a chakra quiz from Dr. Oz’ show Oct/2013.  His guest is a neurologist, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, who talks about how to identify which chakra is blocked and how to restore the chakras.

1st chakra: (root chakra, represented by colour red)

1. Do you get constipated ? (deals with colon (large intestine). Do you have lower back pain?

2. Do you feel fatigued easily?

3. Do people describe you as ungrounded or spacy.

2nd chakra (sacral chakra, represented by  colour orange)

1. Do you have problems in the reproductive region (e.g. PMS)?

2. Is your creativity blocked?

3. Do you wish your sex life was different?

3rd chakra (solar plexus chakra, represented by colour yellow)

1. Do you have (upper) digestion problems (e.g. liver)?

2. Do you have blood sugar fluctuations?

3. Do you have issues with willpower or self-esteem?

4th chakra (heart chakra, represented by colour green (or pink)

1. Do you have heart disease or high blood pressure? Also deals with lung disease and asthma.

2. Do you have difficulty empathizing with others?

3. Are you frightened of intimacy?

5th chakra (throat chakra, represented by colour blue)

1. Do you have thyroid or throat issues?

2. Is is tough for you to express feelings?

3. Does your heart and mind live in different worlds?

6th chakra (3rd eye chakra, represented by colour indigo)

1. Do you have frequent headaches?

2. Do you have hormonal imbalance or get depressed easily?

2. Do you have poor intuition?

7th chakra (crown chakra, represented by colour violet)

1. Do you have sleep issues (e.g. sleep/wake cycles)?

2. Do you have difficulty meditating?

3. Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Watch the video on tips on how to balance your chakras with the right foods, mudras and mantras.

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