Energy Healing Open House Sat, Dec 17,12-5 Unity Yoga

My next energy healing open house will be  held at Unity Yoga Teahouse & Studio, 1672 E. 10th Ave, 2nd Floor (near Broadway, just west of Commercial Dr).  I will be offering free 5 min. or 15 min for $20 cash (the longer healing will also include a clearing of all 7 chakras).   (See detailed poster attached)unityyogaopenhouse

Are you looking for Stress relief, More energy and vitality, Emotional healing, Mental clarity, Calmness of mind, groundedness, Pain Relief (e.g. Headaches, shoulder/neck/back pain), Ease & lightness from letting go?

I do a powerful energy healing that  blends therapeutic touch, reiki, and chakra clearing.

The balancing of your chakras will aid you in releasing held in emotions (e.g. anger, guilt), help you with opening up your heart chakra so you have  more compassion, forgiveness to yourself and others, and aid you in receiving more love and abundance.  It will also help you to open up  your throat chakra so you can speak your truth (especially if you hold back from saying what you really mean to say), etc.   Try a mini healing and enter draw to win a full one-hour energy healing session.  I recommend yoga to all my clients as it helps open up the chakras.

Energy healing work can do some amazing things to help in one’s transformation, giving us a hand to let go so we can be more effective in our lives, in our relationships, our work, our communications with people and in our ability to forgive and find more compassion for ourselves and others.

RSVP if you plan to attend my next energy healing open house: .  Priority to paid clients if there is a lineup (usually is) for healings.

Unity Yoga will also be hosting the sale of Stone Haven Gems at the same time (  This will be a great event to get all your last minute Holiday shopping!! There will be Chai, music and tasty treats.

About vandonnasam

Reiki 2nd Degree and Spiritual Healer, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Clearing, Certified Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Thai Massage Diploma
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